We can stop parking meters downtown

Yes, we can legally stop parking meters – even if City Council votes for them.  We, as citizens, have the initiative petition process in our favor.

Tell us what issues you feel should be include in the petition.  The initiative petition language will be built based on your input.

Take the survey before April 26th at:


Only 10 quick questions on the survey – don’t put it off-the prize could be continued free downtown parking!


Eliminate the Parking Tax?

Recently we asked 1,800 people how paid parking would affect downtown – over 600 people visited this website!

On April 2nd the Parking Task Force voted unanimously to – recommend paid on-street parking, elimination of the downtown parking tax, and annual review of income/expense.  The meter charge would be $1.25 a hour.

Does the elimination of the parking tax change how your feel about
paid on-street parking downtown?

This recommendation will go to the City Council Worksession on April 29th at 5:30 PM.  It is estimated the City Council will vote in May to install paid parking downtown.  Once the council votes, it will take 9-12 months for study and installation.  To review who serves on the Parking Task Force click here.

Paid parking is NOT a done deal – read this blog next week to learn how to prevent paid on-street parking downtown.  To make a comment – click “Leave a reply” below.

State Street Trees

The City of Salem has issued a permit to US Bank to remove 5 Japanese Zelkova trees along State Street because they are buckling the sidewalk.

In 2010, the City’s Urban Forester indicated the tree roots could be pruned enough to prevent the sidewalk damage, and save the trees.  The City’s Shade Tree Committee denied the City’s request to remove the trees.

In 2012, US Bank requested permission to remove the trees and the City’s Shade Tree Committee denied the request again.  US Bank “verbally” appealed the committee’s decision.

In January 2013, the Shade Tree Committee held a second public hearing where a number of opponents testified, and a petition signed by 22 downtown business owners and employees was presented opposing the tree removal.  The Shade Tree Committee voted to deny the request for removal.

US Bank appealed the decision to the Director of Public Works, who has overturned the Shade Tree Committee’s recommendation.  A permit has been issued for US Bank to begin removal of the trees as early as April 10th.