Eliminate the Parking Tax?

Recently we asked 1,800 people how paid parking would affect downtown – over 600 people visited this website!

On April 2nd the Parking Task Force voted unanimously to – recommend paid on-street parking, elimination of the downtown parking tax, and annual review of income/expense.  The meter charge would be $1.25 a hour.

Does the elimination of the parking tax change how your feel about
paid on-street parking downtown?

This recommendation will go to the City Council Worksession on April 29th at 5:30 PM.  It is estimated the City Council will vote in May to install paid parking downtown.  Once the council votes, it will take 9-12 months for study and installation.  To review who serves on the Parking Task Force click here.

Paid parking is NOT a done deal – read this blog next week to learn how to prevent paid on-street parking downtown.  To make a comment – click “Leave a reply” below.


3 thoughts on “Eliminate the Parking Tax?

  1. this is clearly not the time to bring in parking meters. The economy continues to suffer and more downtown businesses are closing up. Parking meters are to control traffic flow, not a revenue generator. It is my understanding that there are many businesses (organizations) in the downtown that do not pay parking taxes. Lets hit them up first. Also, there are other ways to generate revenues. .

  2. While I’m always happy to pay less taxes, paid parking meters in downtown will only hurt businesses. It’s hard to see any benefit from this proposal.

  3. Without the parking tax, then it would seem that there will be no additional revenue, which is the argument for installing meters, so what is the point? The parking tax pays for a number of downtown enhancements. Will this be true of parking meter revenue, or will it go into the general fund? Will meters operate on nights and weekends? It seems unfair to only charge some of the downtown customers. How much will it cost to install and maintain the meters? Who will own the meters? It would seem that this is a plan without many specifics.

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