Newspaper Articles

Interesting news articles, staff reports, and blog posts about downtown:

Downtown Economic Improvement District up for renewal (Statesman Journal January 20, 2014 (City Council staff report on EID renewal January 13 council meeting)

City sells 129 Commercial to private developer.  Statesman Journal article January 15 2014 (City Council Staff report from Jan 13, 2014 council meeting)

It’s not just a place to put your car, its an expression of whether your city cares.  (Salem Weekly Editor Opinion January 2014

Is the City of Salem trying to screw up downtown parking?  (December 30, 2013 Brian Hines blog

Should Salem City Manager be known as Exhalted Emperor Linda Norris? (November 12, 2013 Brian Hines blog

Salem City Council asking strange downtown parking questions  (October 5, 2013 Brian Hines blog


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