A History of Downtown Associations

With the passage of Ballot Measure 53 in 1974 (see History of Parking District), the downtown businesses organized a new downtown organization, Salem Downtown Association (SDA).  From 1976 to 2005 the SDA was funded annually by the tax paid in the Downtown Parking District.  In June of 2005, the City Council terminated the City contract for SDA funding.

In 2007, Go Downtown Salem! was formed and funded with $100,000 of Parking District funds to implement a downtown Economic Improvement District (EID).  The purpose of the EID was to provided $200,000 annually for Go Downtown Salem! from a tax on downtown property owners within the district.  In 2008, the EID passed and Go Downtown Salem! received $100,00 annually from the Parking District, and $200,000 annually from the EID under a 3 year contract with the City of Salem.

In late 2011, the City Council voted to award the EID and Parking District contracts to  the Salem Downtown Partnership (SDP).   The SDP’s contract was terminated by the City of Salem in Feb 2012.

In 7 years, the City of Salem terminated 3 different downtown organizations.


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