What is the Downtown Advisory Board?

The Downtown Advisory Board (DAB) consists of 11 voting citizens and two non-voting citizens.  All citizens are appointed by City Council to serve up to 2 three year terms.

The DAB serves two functions, 1.) a citizen advisory board to make recommendations on Downtown Urban Renewal District projects and expenses,  and 2.) the Downtown Parking Board.  We are only dealing with Urban Renewal on this page.  To know more about downtown parking – visit the Downtown Parking District  page.

To learn more about DAB, or to file an application, please click here.

The DAB is the MOST IMPORTANT citizen advisory board making recommendations to City Council about what happens in downtown Salem.  That’s right, the most important.


3 thoughts on “What is the Downtown Advisory Board?

  1. I would like to know who is behind this blog. It remains nameless, while anyone who posts comments must identify themselves. I notice that the information here is not unbiased, so I would like to know who is behind it. Please do not hide behind anonymous blogs, SHOW YOURSELF!

    • The reasons you gave are exactly why we voted to keep the group supporting this blog in the background. Salem Cherry Pits is designed to be a neutral blog where anyone can feel comfortable commenting. We do not wish to be divisive. Everyones opinion is valued, and as long as your opinion is factual and polite, we will post it.

      • I gave no reasons. I simply pointed out that this blog is not neutral, and the admin is hiding. If it were presenting only facts and offering a place for discussion, that is one thing, but it is not. It is presenting a biased position, so much so that I bet those closely following the debate know who you are. If you didn’t want to be divisive, then you would offer up neutral information from ALL perspectives, and let OTHERS introduce opinion. It is clear you are trying to lobby for a specific outcome. You have an agenda. If identifying yourself is divisive by itself, then that speaks to you, not the nature of blogging discussions. People like to know who they are debating, and what your interest is in the outcomes discussed. By offering biased but anonymous positions, you demonstrate that you have something to hide. That is divisive. And, of course, opinions are not facts… so… by saying that an opinion has to be factual to be posted, it suggests that selected opinions will not be posted, as opinions are by definition, not facts. Perhaps you misspoke here, but your response is very confusing. This is not a bad idea, but transparency always increases openness, reduces suspicion, and gives people the respect they deserve by letting them know who they are debating, or agreeing with. You state this blog discusses what matters to US, but since you anonymously control the subject matter and selectively reply with great frequency, this blog really discusses what matters to YOU most. That’s totally ok, just say so and let us know whose opinions we’re reading. You know the old saying.. “consider the source”?? Well, you’re not letting us execute that wise advice, while taking notes on the opinions of the rest of us. Thank you for hearing my concerns.

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